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Cebu's Original Lechon Belly (the Boneless Lechon)

First of its kind to be introduced commercially here in the Philippines!

Conceptualized back in August 2011 by Mr. Marlon Gochan,

This Innovation and New Technique in preparing Lechon Belly(Roasted Pork Side or Belly) is Ingenious and now a Reality.

It is the process of Deboning only the whole Pork belly/Side of the pig, spicing it up with

our distinctive special ingredients then slow-roasting it out with open-charcoal fire.
It's just like the traditional way of preparing the All-Time Filipino Favorite, Lechon(Whole Roasted Pig).
But this time, It is just the best part, which is the Tiyan (Pork Belly/Side).


No more long waiting lines! So you get to eat the best part straight away!

And its cost is way Cheaper too since it is all Meat. Thus, ........ Boneless Lechon!

It is available now in strategic outlet locations all over Cebu & also in Manila, Philippines.


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