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Cebu's Original Lechon Belly (the Boneless Lechon)

Boneless Lechon Padala Service

Catering to other areas outside Cebu is now available through our Boneless Lechon Padala Service, which started in August of 2012.


We have already sent our product , the Boneless Lechon, to anywhere in the Philippines as long as the destination places/cities are in the flight routes of Cebu Pacific &/or PAL.

It is an Airport to Airport kind of Delivery where in you will have to assign a Consignee, who will pick the Boneless Lechon up in the destination Airport @ your requested estimated time of arrival.


Ordering is actually quite easy! (Please order your Boneless Lechon at least 3 days before the time of your delivery date)


Just follow these 3 easy steps below:

1) Call us up in our Cebu Main Office @ Tel.(32)232-1155, Tel.(32)427-2359 or Cell. 0927-130-1958.

    Give us the details of your order including your contact cellphone number so it will be easier

    for us to contact you if there are changes involving the details of your order. 

    Kindly give us also the details of the Consignee (Complete name, Address & Contact Cellphone#)

    This is very important since our Airport delivery personnel in Cebu during delivery date willl text

    the Airway Bill # (needed for pick-up in the destination airport) to the Consignee for pick up.

2) Once all the details have been set, Make payment to confirm your order.

    Payment Method will be thru Gcash or thru Bank Transfer c/o Metrobank, BPI or BDO.

    (Our Account details will be given to you over the Phone).

3) Once your order is confirmed, wait for your Boneless Lechon' delivery date. 

    That's it - Easy as 1,2,3.   Enjoy your Boneless Lechon!


All-in Prices(includes Air Freight charges, Handling Fees & Box-packaging) for our Boneless lechon padala service.

Whole Boneless Lechon price list(effective November 07, 2022) are as follows:


SMALL(Spicy)                -   4,360 pesos(serves 15-20 pax)

SMALL(Original-regular)  -  4,160 pesos(serves 15-20 pax)


MEDIUM(Spicy)               - 5,070 pesos(serves 20-25 pax)

MEDIUM(Original-regular) - 4,770 pesos(serves 20-25 pax)


LARGE(Spicy)                  - 6,280 pesos(serves 30-35 pax)

LARGE(Original-regular)    - 5,980 pesos(serves 30-35 pax)


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